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The Original Geophone


Our geophones come in the following colors,Blue,Green,Red,Purple,Yellow,Oran ge and KII. What is a geophone? A geophone measures the slightest vibrations.

How can a geophone help on a paranormal investigation? A geophone can be used to detect phantom footsteps, knocking sounds, even the sound of a spirit sitting on a bed. You can also use it as a way to communicate with the spirit by having them tap or knock and light up the lights; Our group has had a lot of interactions through this technique. Our geophones are hand built one at a time, we use our very own original design including a sensitivity adjustment on the top and new sleek looking on/off switch. They are also factory recertified, which means for you, the customer, it’s guaranteed that the geophone sensor is within 95% of its original state. If sensors fall below that they are not re certified.So where do the failed sensors go,ask our competitors they might have an idea. Please don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

Our geophones’s have been feature on SyFy’s Fact or Faked and Ghost Hunters ,check out the video

Vortex Ghost Gear Multi Colored Geophone

This is the same great geophone in a Multi Color just like your KII meter. We also have Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink.

Due to Demand of our Geophones, custom colors may take up to seven days to ship.

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