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Designed by Paranormal Investigators For Paranormal Investigators The new V Pod from vortex ghost gear. Works on the principle of creating an E field around its mini antenna.and if anything breaks or manipulates this will cause 4 led lights to light up and a Sharpe audible sound to warn that 11418245_10204542948829901_2010381615_ns omething is within the proximity of the antenna.Its Small size fits conveniently in your hand,easy to pack and runs one 9 volt Battery The V Pod is very easy to use. Just put up its mini antenna. Turn on the power and your ready to go.Check your E field.The closer you get to it the more lights will light up. Now this is very similar to a lot of more expensive pods that are out there on the market. The one unique feature that we have,that no one else has, turn the devise over, press the button on the underside of devise and now you have a musical tone.Which is more pleasing to the ear and will probably peck the curiosity of a lot of children spirits,as well as other spirits.They could possibly play music on it. Don’t forget our other great products such as IR illuminators, full spectrum illuminators,geophones and the exclusive HTO haunted trigger object detection system which is featured on ghost hunters. You can only get the V pod at vortex ghost 11354970_10204542952109983_1822219812_ng ear dot com or at the ghost hunter store. Its based on the following order 1. Source Proximity -How close to the antenna it is 2. Strength – How strong the field is 3. EM Field Manipulation- Its believed that spirits can manipulate Electro Magnetic Fields 4. Dual Sound. sound one is the standard Pod sound while sound two is a musical tone,that may just peck the curiosity of children as well as other spirits. 5. Folding antenna for easy carrying or storage Please keep in mind that EM Fields can and will be affected by materials and or objects that conduct electricity, 30 day warranty from date of purchase..

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