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The Vortex Dome


The Vortex Dome is a device that is triggered by static or Triboelectric fields. It’s internal antenna can pickup static fields that are not visible to the human eye as far as three feet away. Once the device is triggered it sets off the 8 colored LED’s and the direction the charge came from. Why a Static or Triboelectric Field Detector? There are plenty of theories out there in the paranormal community, one is that to a paranormal researcher there are two kinds of thevortexdome4-optimizedstatic,that which is a Natural part of the environment and that which is not natural. Naturally occurring static may facilitate paranormal intensity by adding energy into the environment. Paranormal static may be the byproduct of whatever causes the entrance of paranormal phenomena into our environment. There are still more theories that when a manifestation takes place a static charge builds up. Trioboelectric fields can also attribute to the hair on your arm or leg standing up or that cool breeze out of no where,these are all charges that will set off The Vortex Dome. Small compact design can fit in your pocket and your equipment case with ease. Convenient green LED on top to let you know where it is in the dark thevortexdome2-optimizedRuns on 4 AAA batteries which are included with your purchase. Designed and tested by ghost hunters like yourself, it’s tough and virtually unbreakable ,No worries about dropping it anymore. How to use Simply turn the switch at the bottom of the dome on ,set down anywhere you might think there will be activity (door ways,Halls, steps, beds, chairs etc.) once the device is place it will adjust itself by the 8 LEDs going off in sequence anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds after it is initially set down. If you pick up the devise and move it to another location it will re-adjust again and so on.

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