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Red Energy Field Meter


Tone Generator Mode

Proximity Mode

Trigger Object Mode

Removable Antenna for better Portability.

Automatic Calibration

Limited Lifetime Warranty (See Details or message us for details)

Trigger object Mode Included with Cable

Product Description

Upgraded to on June 1, 2017, the Newly replaced (Red Pods) circuit is being replaced by this Red Energy Field Meter circuit. Like before, we offer the Tone Generator mode (Music) and the Proximity mode. But what is new is it now comes with a cable that you can use in conjunction with a 12" pizza pan or any metal object. This allows the pod to calibrate its self into High Detection mode which is great for alerting you of any energy change around the object that is your trigger object. When your done with the trigger object mode, then just simply replace the cable and place the antenna back into the metal jack and then the device will re-calibrate its self and lower the sensitive so the device can be use as normal again.

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