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GL6-ADV11-WA IR/UV 120 Wide Angle


- Five Custom High Output 200mW 10mm IR LEDs and Six Extremely Bright Custom UV LEDs and Patented Electronics

- Custom Vaulted Face to provide Extra Wide Angle Light

- Standard Camera Shoe & Tripod Mount (Will fit a standard camera hot or cold shoe, flash bracket or tripod)

- Two Low Profile On/Off Switches to control IR and UV

- Custom Impact & Heat Resistant Enclosure

- Compact Size (3.8 inches tall and 2.3 inches wide)

- Battery Compartment (Protects batteries and Allows Quick Replacement)

- Operates on two 9-volt battery up to 5 hours and even longer with a Lithium 9-volt (Batteries not included)

- Approximate Effective Range- 50 feet indoors, about 40 feet outdoors (Depending on reflective surfaces)

- Powerful Large Long-Range and Wide-Angle Beams

- Available with Black, Red, Blue, Green, Grey, or Pink Front

This is 3 lights in 1!!!

...First, it is powerful infrared night vision light with better range for use in total darkness with IR capable cameras.

...Second, it is also a powerful ultraviolet light for use with deep UV and Full Spectrum cameras and camcorders.

...Third, it is a IR+UV combined illuminator to create a long-range wide spectrum beam that works with standard night-vision and full spectrum cameras.

The GL6-ADV11-WA IR/UV combines patented electronics with custom LEDs and a custom vaulted face to provide extra wide angle full spectrum filming technology.

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