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GL6-ADV10-WA IR 120 Wide Angle


- Ten Specially Designed High Output 200mW 850nm 10mm Triple Chip LEDs (5 Times the Output of 1-Chip LEDs and 40% More Output than 5-Chip LEDs!)

- Patented Power Boosting Electronics for Maximum Stable Output and Longer Operating Time

- Custom Vaulted Face for Extra Wide Angle Illumination with no "hot-spot" effect in the middle of your screen

- Approximate Effective Range- 90 feet indoors, about 75 feet outdoors (Depending on reflective surfaces)

- Operates on one or two 9-volt batteries up to 6 hours and even longer with Lithium 9-volts (Batteries not included)

- Battery Compartment (Protects Batteries and Allows Quick Replacement)

- Camera Shoe or Tripod Mountable (Will fit a standard camera hot or cold shoe, flash bracket, or Tripod)

- Custom Impact & Heat Resistant Enclosure

- Compact Size (3.8 inches tall and 2.3 inches wide)

- Low Profile On/Off Switch

The GL6-ADV-10-WA IR is a Custom Shop designed light with a special Vaulted Face to provide an extra wide angle beam spread. It runs off of one or two 9 volt batteries (batteries not included). It has the same great custom electronics and LED array as the GL6-ADV10 IR and give smooth wide angle illumination. The Ghost Light™ GL6-ADV Series are the only conventional IR illuminators made that has this kind of technology. Now you can get the range and super wide angle coverage that you've been looking for with your IR capable and full spectrum camcorders!

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