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GL6-PRO-20 - 20 Watt IR


- Custom Designed 20 Watt IR LED Array

- Patented Power Boosting Electronics

- Extremely Extra Long and Wide Range Illumination

- Approximate Effective Range - 250 Feet *

- Requires Two 18650 Li-Ion Batteries (Batteries Not Included)

- Runs Up To 5 Hours Depending on Batteries **

- Enclosed Quick Change Battery Compartment

- IR Output Dimmer Control

- Custom Heavy Duty Hot Shoe / Tripod Mount

- Low Profile On-Off Switch

- Custom Impact and Heat Resistant Compact Chassis - 3 X 2.25 "

- Hand Made in the USA by Colorado Para-Tech

* Depending on Reflective Surfaces Available

** See 18650 FAQ for Info on the Proper Batteries

The GL6-PRO-20 is the next gen 20 Watt IR Light made for Infrared and Full Spectrum capable cameras and camcorders. It is smaller and lighter than the GL5-PRO Series but with the same IR power. Redesigned inside and out, the GL6-PRO-20 gives you superb IR illumination with no hot-spot and unmatched by any other IR light. The new GL6-PRO models have extremely strong heat resistant enclosures and operate on two rechargeable 18650 batteries. There is also a dimmer to vary IR output from 0-100%. The 20 Watt GL-PRO Series has become the industry choice for professional film and television night vision production and will give your night vision filming that professional look!

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