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Paranologies Geo-Pod


This is the Paranologies Geo-Pod. copyright © 2011 Paranologies. As seen in the 2015 movie Poltergeist .

This is an actual Geo Phone sensor that scientists use to detect earth quakes, that's how sensitive it is.

Don't be fooled by others saying their product is a Geophone, most are using sensors that are no where near as sensitive as the Geophone sensor but advertise otherwise. We are the originators of a geophone sensor for the Paranormal community.

Work's off 4 AA Batteries.

Extremely Sensitive detection of Movement, Footsteps, Banging on walls, walking, etc..

Custom Designed- We designed and own all rights for this custom piece Tailored Specifically for a Paranormal Investigation.

Completely Hand built, wired and 3D printed out of PLA Plastic.

Full Adjustment knob for filtering out ambient vibration's.

Super Bright Multi-Colored Led's that indicate the 10 Stages of shock, 3 green for the slight vibration, 3 Amber for Medium Vibration, And 4 Red for High Vibration. Designed for filming in Night Vision.

The first piece of equipment out there that can detect very slight footsteps/vibration.

Very small unique design. 3.5" Tall x 3" Squared.

Please Note: While Paranologies Test's all its equipment with actual Paranormal Team's with good results, this is in no way proof of detecting anything Paranormal. Any sensor used for a Paranormal Investigation can and will false. It is up to the User of the sensor to use control testing while looking for intelligent patterns before it may be deemed Paranormal.

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