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This is the Paranologies Wireless PhonoPod System copyright © 2017 Paranologies

Listen to EVP's Live with the PhonoPod System. The most sensitive audio listening device on the market. Unit Contains Stereo Microphones and a wireless FM Transmitter to listen to Evp's Live with one person or an entire group of people. The Unit has a distance of up to 500' line of site.

Unit Includes 1 wireless headphone so you can listen to Evp's Live by yourself or Share the experience with a friend and purchase an extra headphone. The headphone has an output jack so each person can plug it in to his/her recorder and have their own recording.

Whispering can be picked up from very far away, so make sure you have a camera running during the Evp session or tag your audio to cut down on the false positives associated with non-Evp whispering during an evp session.

Unit is not a recording device, and is intended for live results. If you would like to record the session you can plug in a digital recorder (not supplied) to the headphones.

Sensitivity -28db - 46db


Frequency Range- 20 Hz to 20 Khz

Impedance 2.2Kohm

S/N Ration >60db

Work's off 8 AA batteries(not Included) that will last for weeks

Unit come's with Phonopod and 1 Wireless Headphone with output jack, All built to completion.

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