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This is the Paranologies RE-VP [REE-VEE-P] System copyright © 2017 Paranologies

Replay EVP's instantly and easily with the handheld Unit.

Its like having a walkie talkie to the other side.

Very easy to use, Press and hold record and ask a question up to 75 seconds just like you would during an Evp session, when you are finished press play and hear your results to see if you picked up an Evp in ultra sensitive live playback on the amplified speaker.

Recordings are saved into different banks until storage is full (75 sec. recording time). For example, if you press and hold record and ask a 10 second question then press record again and ask a 10 second question, they will both be stored on the unit. Press play to hear your most recent recording, then hit the next button and then the play button to hear previous recordings.(more info in video below)

Individual volume controls allow you to calibrate the unit per your environment. If there is a lot of ambient background noise you can adjust the microphone volume to accommodate. If your playback is too loud you can adjust the speaker volume.

Can pick up whispering from up to 15' away.

Unit is very sensitive and is recommended for use in a very quiet environment.

This is not a digital recorder, it is a live playback device and intended to get immediate results during your investigation so you don't have to do hours of review to get answers.

Since whispering can be picked up from far away, make sure you have a camera running during the Evp session or Tag your audio to cut down on the false positives associated with non-Evp whispering during an evp session.

The ReVp come's with a headphone jack output so you can use your own cable and recorder if you wanted to record the entire session on your digital recorder though.


Frequency Range- 18 Hz to 20 Khz

Impedance 2.2Kohm

S/N Ration >60db

Work's off 8 AA batteries(not Included).

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