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Mobile Handheld Kinect


This camera will detect humans and animals in absolute darkness or full light. It also seems to see bodies when there is nothing there the naked eye can see, spirits? It works much like the SLS Camera at a fraction of the cost! You can record video directly to the tablet or to SD card. It runs off rechargeable battery pack for up to 5 hours of continuous use.

Here's how it works: It uses an RGB camera with depth sensor and infrared light projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor which sees everything not as a flat image, but as dots arranged in a 3D environment. These 1000's of infrared dots allow the camera to "see" depth and detail like a sonar. The install software can recognize people by distinguishing body parts, joints and movements.

If shows a person shaped object on the screen that you cannot see with the naked eye then there is something there the IR is detecting and the programing is recognized as a human shape based on body parts and joints together.

Mobile Kinect Unit

8" Windows Tablet

12V rechargeable power supply



Programs Installed

These are made to order and take 1-2 weeks to ship.

*** We do not guarentee spirit communication with these devices, they are experimental and results are not guarenteed ***



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