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Modern Twist Raudive Diode Digital Voice recorder


These are on a one week backorder but feel free to purchase now to make sure you get on the next wave of these. 

With the guidance of a good friend Steve Cooper from the UK we bring you The Raudive Recorder, with a built in semi modified Raudive Diode and 8gb of memory you can experiment for several hours of recording. At an amazingly low price, you can add a few of these to your recorder collection. While these are still Experimental the raudive diode has been around for years and yielded great results in EVP communication, so we figured why not build them into a digital self contained reorder. We let the microphone pick up in these, and added the raudive diode to the backside so you can use it as a regular recorder an inhance the evp session using the raudive diode as well. These are USB rechargeable and have an excellent battery life.

Grab yours today !!!!!!!

For  a shipping quote  outside the USA please email us at:  [email protected] com

All devices are bench tested and are shipped in good working condition. 

All Sales are Final. 

No returns without proir approval.

*** We do not guarentee spirit communication with these devices, they are experimental and results are not guarenteed ***

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