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Spirit Speaker Style 1


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A New Design Spirit Communication Enhancer built by David Caltrider of Manchester Paranormal Society. It works with " Hacked Radios" as well as the PSB7, PSB11 and ITC Apps on your smart phone or tablet. The Spirit Speaker is a Lightweight Self contained device. Meaning NO BIG BULKY pedals hanging from it. It has Fully adjustable Noise Reduction to eliminate the peskey scracthy static of the radio as well as a Fully adjustable Reverb to help enchance the Spirit voices.

 The Spirit Speaker is Very comparable to other devices costing over $600.... So why not save over $400 and get one that is just as great as those other ones.

 The Spirit Speaker Requires 2 9 Volt batteries for operation as well as a Spirit box with a haedphone jack or a smart phone or tablet.

 These are made when ordered so shipping time is 2-3 weeks, and are shipped USPS Priority Mail.

 All devices are bench tested and are shipped in good working condition.

 For International orders please email us at [email protected] for quotes. We have added a few flat rate US Postal optons in the shipping area and will continue to do so !! Thank you !!!

No returns without proir approval.


*** We do not guarentee spirit communication with these devices, they are experimental and results are not guarenteed ***

 **** This is an independent review of the Spirit Speaker that we had done. Hopefully this will help those in doubrt .

Safety pat assessment of:

Device: Spirit Speaker Device manufacture/creator: David Caltrider.

Inspection carried out By IM Computers Ltd.

Class: The device specification is audio effects device with amplification unit,

Inspection shows the device to be safe due to the following inspections and observations.

2 open case Pedal effect boards with a suitable amplifier and speaker arrangement, Fitment is a Non-conductive Wooden case with ample thickness to support internal circuitry and fittings, Wiring is of high quality and suitable gauge for both power and connectivity across FC Regulated circuit boards, Both open case pedals and amplification unit are within specification of the FC Rules and adhere compliant as they are not modified out of there specification of use, And cannot create undesired RF Frequency’s and can accept undesired effects without de classified modification, Wiring used is neat and tacked in place with suitable cable ties and ample use of glue material, Both open case pedals have their own power supply and individually wired, Connections made are suitably spaced or properly terminated and crimped with isolation crimp caps, Components are well spaced and adhered to the wooden case and fixed properly with the standard fixing hardware for the components, Metal screws and nuts used on potentiometers and fitments and handles, Power supply consists of 2x 9v cells, This does not pose any risk of shock or fire due to the low current and well insulated wiring, And conforms to the manufactures ratings on the open case pedals, Speaker is of correct rating for amplification unit, and confirms to the manufactures specification for use, and is correctly connected to other components, Soldering joints are of suitable quality and workmanship and is fit for purpose with correct separation and no frayed joints or dry connections visible.

Additional notes:

Even though the device inspected is retro fitted to a custom cabinet, The innards are compliant with the manufactures specification, and assembled and fitted correctly, The voltages all confirm to the standards according to manufactures instructions, The equipment still is compliant with FC Regulatory guidelines as the initial components have not been modified, Only customised and retro fitted for a particular use or arrangement, Since the device is operating as it normally would there is no reason to believe there is or a potential risk or unseen danger with its specified use, The connection components hardware and wiring are all within a reasonable standard, and fit for purpose.

In this conclusion, the item as a whole has passed the assessment.

Date: 16/03/2017, Registered Pat tester, Iain munro, IM COMPUTERS Ltd

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