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52 years old
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Manchester Paranormal Society

How did you hear about Manchester Paranormal Society?

i came across your website :)

Are you interesting in joining MPS?

yes im a big fan of everything paranormal and would love to help out were I can :D

Have you had any paranormal experiences?

yes I've had a few experiences in the past, as a SAC in the air force stationed at RAF linton on Ouse in Yorkshire I was performing my duties as station guard one evening and made my way to the air traffic control tower, I noticed the light on in the Met office on the ground floor and the door was ajar, I radioed the guard room and asked if the key holder had still got the keys but they had been handed in hours ago so I switched off the light and secured the door and started to make my way up the stairs to ops on the first floor when I was confronted by a flt lt up the stairs ahead of me, I challenged him but he kept walking I noted that there was something odd about his uniform, at this point I radioed the guardroom for assistance and the officer disappeared into the darkness at the top of the stairs, when my colleague arrived we searched the building and could not find any sign of the officer anywhere and as you can imagine people started pulling my leg about the incident until some years later I noticed a article in the Yorkshire evening press which stated that wrafs at raf linton had been scared by the appearance of a royal Canadian air force office who had been manifesting himself and scarring the staff there it would appear that in the 40s his crew had bailed and the officer in question had tried to land his Lancaster which had been badly shot up, it crashed at the end of the runway in sight of his sweetheart who worked in air traffic at the time and the story goes that he was searching for her, very romantic :) my second experience was at a private house off queens road in Manchester on Hawkes head road were I had to get a priest in after we had poltergeist activity the entity threw my partner into the pc as she sat in the chair in front of the computer I was called by work to go home she was in such a bad way. we didn't stay there more than a week after that. as I've lived in York most of my life I've of course witnessed quiet a few odd things I cannot explain and would love to delve a little deeper :)

Are you a Member of any other Paranormal Interest Group? If so, who?

no not at the moment.

How did you become interested in the paranormal field?

I suppose it was my experience while serving with the air force and actually seeing a full body apparition at linton that convinced me. ever since then I think ive watched every paranormal or ghost hunting program going, the TAPS series is quiet interesting at the moment as is my ghost story on Bio.