Manchester Paranormal  Companies


A little bit about us :

MPS was founded with the belief that paranormal research should be conducted in a professional and organized manner while giving every consideration to the clients we serve. MPS uses only scientific equipment and proven investigative techniques to perform our in depth investigations. We will work closely with our prospective clients and guide them through the entire process all while focusing on minimizing any intrusions to you or your home. We use only investigators who are mature, professional, dedicated, caring, and totally committed to helping our clients. All of our investigators are screened very carefully and only after we are satisfied, they may be used on investigations. All members of MPS are required to sign a strict confidentiality agreement at the start of their membership.

Members of M.P.S.

Dave was born and raised in Manchester Md. He works at "THE FAMILY BUSINESS"  He is married with two wonderful daughters. He has been into the paranormal since the age of 5 when he would play with his ghost of a cousin (she had passed away before he was born). He enjoys spending time with his family as well as hunting the paranormal. 

This is David's wife and high school sweetheart!!! Dawn is a CNA at a local Hospice facility. She loves her job with MPS as Historian, because of her love for history.  

  I have been a recovery room nurse for approximately 8 years. I have always been interested in the paranormal, but am just now getting into pursuing my interest. I am so excited to be a member of an incredible team, and I look forward to every investigation!

Alyson is David's daughter she is into the paranormal. She helps with fundraisers and marketing for now,but looks forward to getting out and investigating. 

These are our Future JR Investigators:   

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