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Make sure to check out our Events page to see our events and get your tickets !!! We Invite the seasoned investigators and the new one's looking to get in the field.  If you don't have investigative equipment NO PROBLEM use our's we have all the latest in paranormal equipment for you. to use.  If you use our digital camera's or digital recorder's  we will download the data collected for you to take home on thumb drive which  which is pre-loaded   with software to edit your recording's !!! Already an investigator you'll enjoy our events too !!! Try us out and I promise you'll love our events !!! 

Make Sure To Visit Our Web Store for all Your ParaNormal Gear. We carry all the major manufacturers 

The One, The Only, The Spirit Speaker 

A New Design Spirit Communication Enhancer built by David Caltrider of Manchester Paranormal Society. It works with " Hacked Radios" as well as the PSB7, PSB11 and ITC Apps on your smart phone or tablet. The Spirit Speaker is a Lightweight Self contained device. Meaning NO BIG BULKY pedals hanging from it. It has Fully adjustable Noise Reduction to eliminate the peskey scracthy static of the radio as well as a Fully adjustable Reverb to help enhance the Spirit voices.


The Spirit Speaker is Very comparable to other devices costing over $600.... So why not save over $400 and get one that is just as great as those other ones.

The Spirit Speaker Requires 2 9 Volt batteries for operation as well as a Spirit box with a headphone jack or a smart phone or tablet.

These are made when ordered so shipping time is 2-3 weeks, and are shipped USPS Priority Mail.

                  !!!!  VISIT OUR WEB STORE TO PURCHASE YOURS !!!!